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When it comes to aging, one of the most frustrating facts is that your face is often the first part of your body to fall prey. Thankfully there are ways to halt, and even turn back, the aging process. At City Dermatology Skin Institute in Bensalem, PA, Dr. Imran Amir offers a full spate of skin rejuvenation services to his patients in the greater Philadelphia area. From chemical peels to laser wrinkle reduction, Dr. Amir can breathe new life into your aging skin.

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City Dermatology Skin Institute

Imran Amir, MD

Cosmetic Surgeon & Dermatologist

Bensalem, PA


Skin rejuvenation treatments are appropriate for patients who want to treat aging-related issues and sun-damage issues. Patients who could not get satisfying results from skin rejuvenation home remedies are excellent candidates.

Ideal candidates must be healthy and must have no severe skin conditions. Patients must have realistic expectations regarding their skin rejuvenation treatment.


During your skin rejuvenation consultation, you can tell us about skin issues. You must disclose any skin rejuvenation treatments you have tried, including home remedies, supplements, and previous skin rejuvenation procedures. We will evaluate your medical history, including current medications and any allergies.

Tell us about your goals for skin rejuvenation. We will examine your skin’s condition, especially in the areas where the signs of aging are most visible. We will recommend the ideal skin rejuvenation treatments depending on your goals and your skin’s condition.

We will provide you with skincare tips to reduce the signs of skin aging and prepare your skin for the treatment. We will encourage you to bring up all concerns during our consultation.

Skin Rejuvenation Q&A

What is skin rejuvenation?

As the name implies, skin rejuvenation services are designed to clear away the effects that time and wear and tear have had on your face and neck. If you consider that these two areas are arguably the most exposed, it’s no wonder that they’re the first to show signs of aging.

Skin rejuvenation aims to reduce the myriad fine lines on your face, lighten areas of hyperpigmentation, and give your skin a softer texture and healthy glow. To accomplish this, Dr. Amir turns to:

  • Chemical peels
  • Laser wrinkle reduction
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Facials
  • Microlaser peels
  • Vampire facelifts
  • Skin resurfacing
  • IV vitamin therapies
What treatment is right for me?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for skin rejuvenation. To determine which treatment is best for you, sit down with Dr. Amir to discuss your goals and your options. Here’s what you can expect from some of the procedures:

Chemical peels

Dr. Amir applies a chemical solution to your face, which works to destroy aging skin cells, encouraging new ones to grow in their place. Dr. Amir can adjust the chemical peel to any depth, from a light peel to one that goes deeper into your skin.

Laser wrinkle reduction

Using a light laser therapy, Dr. Amir targets and destroys old skin cells, while providing a boost in your collagen production for a more elastic skin. As your skin cells regenerate, the increased elastin and collagen make the surface of your skin smoother.

Microlaser peels

Armed with precise laser technology, Dr. Amir removes the outermost layers of your skin. Depending upon your goals, Dr. Amir only removes as many layers as necessary. The upshot of this treatment is that after only a few days of redness, your healthy new skin is camera-ready.

What about ongoing skincare?

After completing whichever procedure you’ve opted for, rest assured that Dr. Amir continues to counsel you on the best way to manage your skin at home. Since Dr. Amir is familiar with your skin type, lifestyle, and beauty goals, he recommends which products you should use and how to approach daily cleaning and care. He also advises you on the best schedule for follow-up treatments to keep you one step ahead of your aging skin. If your skin could use a little lift, without resorting to surgery, call City Dermatology Skin Institute today or schedule a consultation using the online booking tool.


The cost of your skin rejuvenation treatment will depend on the type of procedure used. If a combination of procedures will be used, this will impact the overall price, as will the areas being treated.


Don’t let the signs of aging on your skin get worse—set up a consultation regarding skin rejuvenation in Bensalem. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Your Skin Rejuvenation treatment will be performed in Dr. Amir‘s surgery center located in Bensalem.


Obsessed with this place. Everyone is so nice and accommodating. Dr Amir is amazing! His attention to detail is incredible. I’ve had fillers done in the past but this is the first time I had anyone “map at my face” so to speak in order to place the injections in the proper area. Couldn’t be happier with the results and I’m looking forward to going back for Botox in and few weeks! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Excellent experience here! Staff is very nice and personable, Dr. Amir has a wonderful bedside manner. He takes the time to educate you in your concerns and walk you through the process. I was able to have a few of my concerns addressed right away at my first visit! I will definitely continue to see Dr. Amir, and refer my friends!

Dr. Amir is by far the best dermatologist you could ask for! The care and attention to detail given by this practitioner is simply superb. I would recommend this practice to absolutely anyone looking for the best. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Thank you Dr. Amir!

I have been going to City Dermatology for many many years. It is the most professional and well staffed dermatology office I have been too. The doctor (Dr. Imran Amir) and his physician’s assistant (Cassie) are kind and caring, as well as, the entire staff. You can have complete confidence in all of your skin care needs at this office.

I have been coming to Dr. Amir for years now. He has wonder bed side manner and is a great doctor. He helps me with any issues I have. I would definitely recommend him.