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If you spent just one day adding up the nutritional numbers on the labels of the foods you eat, you might find that, like most people, you aren’t getting your daily recommended allowance of vitamins and nutrients. You’re not alone. In today’s world of processed food, it’s tough to fuel your body properly, which is why Dr. Imran Amir offers IV nutrition therapy at City Dermatology Skin Institute in Bensalem, PA. This simple procedure allows his patients in the greater Philadelphia area to look and feel great.

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IV Nutrition Therapy Q&A

What is IV nutrition therapy?
Receiving the proper nutrients is vital to your health. At every level of your body, from the cellular level on up, nutrients provide the fuel your body needs in order to function. Deficits in any one area can have a cascading effect on your entire body. While daily multivitamins can help close the gap, IV nutrition therapy delivers concentrated doses of the nutrients you need directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your wasteful digestive system. Your blood delivers the nutrients to every part of your body, providing an energy boost to your cells.
What nutrients do I need?
This is a tough question to answer because your nutritional needs change throughout your life. From developing children to aging adults, nutritional intake should continually adapt to best support the stage of life you’re in. Before your IV nutrition therapy, Dr. Amir sits down with you to discuss the specific nutrients he administers and how they benefit you.

Getting IV nutrition therapy is ideal whenever there is a nutrient deficiency in the body. Patients who have issues taking oral supplements are excellent candidates for this IV-based form of nutrient restoration.

IV nutrition therapy is appropriate for patients who want to boost their immune system. Patients suffering from dehydration, mood issues, or a variety of other problems are ideal candidates. The best candidates include the elderly, patients with serious illnesses, and patients with a compromised immune system.


During your consultation, you will tell Dr. Amir about your goals for IV nutrition therapy. Dr. Amir will evaluate your medical history and check your current physical health. Your diet and other aspects of your lifestyle will also be discussed.

Dr. Amir will identify the nutrients that your body is lacking, and then he will create a personalized IV nutrition therapy plan to restore the nutritional balance in your body. The plan will be discussed in detail, including the number of sessions needed and any recommended lifestyle changes. You can ask Dr. Amir questions anytime.

What are the benefits of IV nutrition therapy on my skin?
IV nutrition does your body a world of good on a large scale. After therapy, you will feel full of energy as your body absorbs the fuel. And while you’re feeling great, the nutrients are also going to work to jumpstart systems that may have slowed due to poor nutrition, such as cell regeneration. As the most exposed section of your body, your skin is constantly hard at work, defending you against injury and disease. When Dr. Amir administers a concentrated dose of nutrients, your skin receives the support it needs, and you end up with glowing, vibrant skin as a result.
How often do I need IV nutrition therapy?
There’s no one answer to this question as it depends on your individual nutritional needs. Dr. Amir often recommends a wait-and-see approach. After your first IV therapy, you can monitor the effects it has on your body, which will tell you when it’s time to refuel. To learn more about the benefits of IV nutrition therapy, call City Dermatology Skin Institute, or use the online booking tool to schedule a visit.

The cost of IV nutrition therapy will depend on the exact details of your recommended treatment process. The number of treatment sessions needed to restore the nutritional balance in your body can affect the overall price of your IV nutrition therapy.



The best way to learn more about IV nutrition therapy in Bensalem is by scheduling a consultation. To arrange your consultation, contact our office.


Your IV Nutrition Therapy will be performed in Dr. Amir‘s surgery center located in Bensalem.


Obsessed with this place. Everyone is so nice and accommodating. Dr Amir is amazing! His attention to detail is incredible. I’ve had fillers done in the past but this is the first time I had anyone “map at my face” so to speak in order to place the injections in the proper area. Couldn’t be happier with the results and I’m looking forward to going back for Botox in and few weeks! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Excellent experience here! Staff is very nice and personable, Dr. Amir has a wonderful bedside manner. He takes the time to educate you in your concerns and walk you through the process. I was able to have a few of my concerns addressed right away at my first visit! I will definitely continue to see Dr. Amir, and refer my friends!

Dr. Amir is by far the best dermatologist you could ask for! The care and attention to detail given by this practitioner is simply superb. I would recommend this practice to absolutely anyone looking for the best. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Thank you Dr. Amir!

I have been going to City Dermatology for many many years. It is the most professional and well staffed dermatology office I have been too. The doctor (Dr. Imran Amir) and his physician’s assistant (Cassie) are kind and caring, as well as, the entire staff. You can have complete confidence in all of your skin care needs at this office.

I have been coming to Dr. Amir for years now. He has wonder bed side manner and is a great doctor. He helps me with any issues I have. I would definitely recommend him.